New product lower prices

You people need to either make the shapeoko 2 available or lower the price on t he x carve, you have and are going to ■■■■ off allot people need to either make the shapeoko 2 available or lower the price on t he x carve, you have and are going to ■■■■ off alot people. We as consumers have bought the shapeoko because we love building things, but we all dont have the money to afford the machine. One more thing, when you are buying the basic x carve not the works package, if you only want to upgrade 1 part like a bigger area why do u guys charge the money for the original part that has come with the machine and the cost of the upgraded part too that is a major rip off paying the price of 2 parts for 1.

We as consumers (free entities) don’t have a right to demand companies (also free entities) to do one thing or another. The best we can do is ask politely or speak with our wallets. One thing is for sure, a change of tone to one of request and inquiry rather than demand and accusation would go a long way to helping your cause @JonathanLee.

I for one found that the X-Carve was cheaper than the Shapeoko 2 when adding upgrades for the fact that the items were replaced and not added. A shopping cart with all the same types of upgrades went up to $1,800 where as now the same amount of upgrades only goes to $1,300.


Hi @jonathanlee X-Carve is less expensive than Shapeoko 2 you just have to configure it per your requirements to achieve the lower cost. You are correct that the Basic Kit is comparable to the Works Kit not the Full kit. The Basic Kit is $268 less expensive than the Works Kit.

The new configurator makes it so you don’t pay for parts twice that was a big problem with upgrading our packages before. If you don’t want a part or you want to provide your own you can select “none” and you won’t be charged for it. You only pay for what you want.

If you wish to lower the total cost of ownership on the configurator take out the motion controller kit, waste board, tool kit, and spindle. Your cost will now be at $479 by getting the Arduino and gshield separately in the store without the fan or the case it saves you $40 but you need to add back in the cost $29.50 and $50 so you will be at $558.50. The fan and case did not come in the Full Kit. You will need to provide your own wires to connect them and the USB cord that you can get cheap elsewhere. We sell a 24V supply only without the new PCB and enclosure that helps neatly hook up everything for $35. You can probably find cheaper 24V power supplies at other places on the internet to save additional money or you might be able to take one out of an old computer. This will save you $41 and get your will be at $593.50. We added these upgrades to the base kit to make it easier for people but if you want to go bare bones it will actually be a little bit cheaper.

We sell the mount plate separately or you can make your own

We sell and the universal mount kit for the spindle separately too

**In this scenario you’ll be down to $617 without a spindle. You can go to Menards when they run a sale and pick up the generic rotary tool we used to include in the Full Kit on sale in the store sometimes for $10 or right now on Amazon for $20. Assuming you order from Amazon you’re at $637 and you need to get your own tools and your own waste board which you can use any piece of MDF for. I hope that helps.

TY so much, money is very tight with me right now and i really love to build stuff. If i buy an aurdino and gshield from a retailer on amazon will i have to program it to use easel or is it just plug in and play.

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You will need to load GRBL 0.9 onto the Arduino.

Be cautious when buying Arduinos. Some are clones and may give you problems. We are not able to support Arduinos or gshield that are not bought from Inventables. We guarantee the Arduinos bought from us are authentic.