New Project Orca whale

Well I have a request to do a picture for a handicap girl that I know and I’m trying to figure out the best way to do it so any feedback will surely be appreciated .

I like the idea. I thought I saw a free one the other day will have to see what I can do.

I have Photo V-Carve wonder what that would do.

Wish I could 3d it. but it’s not a very good picture.


About 45 min in Inkscape.


A lot of work there, Thanks for the info something new to learn.

There is probably faster methods. Try Googleing “image trace”.

I have V-carve pro but can never get the depths right when doing a trace. Its a practice make " Ok I can use that" thing.

Being it is black and white animal this should do great!

Maybe a lithophane would be appropriate. Photo Vcarve would do that

This is what I have come up with so far.

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Not sure it changed much

I overlaid it with mine.

Might try changing that to a STL then carving just the whale as 3d with mountains and clouds as back ground. Not sure if it will work but I think I will try it anyway.

That’s the picture she chose.

That’s the overlay with his and mine?

did you use Aspire to do that? I’m not familiar with “create component from selected .bmp”

Thanks… I aspire to own Aspire one day. lol Right now I’m at the VC Desktop level. I’m seriously considering jumping to Pro version. I’m interested in doing projects larger than 24x24 (don’t want to segment it) and am also wondering what they mean by: True Shape Nesting to optimize toolpath times & minimize material waste, Toolpath Templates to automate & re-use your toolpath strategies Job Setup Sheets to automatically detail the required machine setup for each job and the gadget library.

Thanks Robert. I know she will love it.