New project required to import gcode, but gcode isn't saved into project

I’ve tried the import gcode feature in Easel, and it’s a bit odd to deal with. You have to create a new project, then import your gcode and set the material and bit size. At the end of this process you’re left with a new project on your list, but that project doesn’t actually contain the gcode so it’s effectively useless.

I think that this should go one of two ways:

  1. It’s possible to import and carve gcode without actually creating a project
  2. The gcode should be uploaded into the project so at least you’ve got the whole package.

I’m sure there’s plenty of room for debate as to whether the gcode should be uploaded into the Easel servers or not. In my particular case it would have been nice if the gcode were uploaded as I generated the gcode on one machine and previewed it in Easel to set it up, then I went where the X-Carve was and thought I could pull up the project on another machine and carve it, but found the gcode wasn’t there - I had a blank workpiece. But maybe people have privacy/confidentiality concerns and wouldn’t want the gcode uploaded to the cloud, or the file would be big enough that this would take too long.

I know what you mean I struggle with the same thing you can import but there is hardly anything that you can do with it not what i was expecting needs alot more work i think

After Gcode inport there needs to be a back plot to the design window so you can modify it.

I know what you mean - however i’d rather have my G code stored locally (rather than on web somewhere)

I’m using with Easel with Carvey and with the Carvey tool measuring probe it’s not a problem. On multi sequence operations that use different tools, i just need to make sure that the gcode naming convention is easy to understand (includes sequence number and tool description) for when i access these programs in the future

I personally wish they had gone in a different direction and made the gcode sender entirely standalone, the ability to upload gcode from one machine and send it to the X-Carve on another is a fringe feature compared to being able to send it to the X-Carve from a machine without a reliable Internet connection. Yes there are other options for that (Universal GCode Sender), but they aren’t anywhere near as user friendly.