New project - wooden swords

Alrighty, I got a new project done! Wooden Swords! I made a video that I’ll link, but I’ll also give a play-by-play in stills here.

Also i’m giving away all of the CAD files for these swords so anyone can make them ( at )!

First the video:

Now the play by play:

First of course was designing it all up in CAD:

Once all of the design/toolpath was ready, I drilled indexing holes into the table and stock wood so that when I flipped it to machine the opposite side everything lined up perfectly:

There were two main operations, a roughing pass and a finishing pass. Here is the roughing pass using a .25 end mill:

And then a finishing pass using a .25 BALL NOSE end mill, at an 8% stepover (0.02") :

The guard was very straightforward. It’s designed to fit perfectly onto the sword body, but is also very simple:

With everything complete, you can see how tabs were used to keep everything in place for both part positions during the machining.

Of course those had to be cut free. I used a flush cut saw and a razorblade:

Then they were all sanded back with a spindle sander:

Glue was used to make sure everything stays put:

Then the dowels were added, and everything clamped together for an hour or so.

The dowels stick out afterwards, but they can be cut away with a saw.

… and then sanded flush with the rest of the sword.

Finally, some polyurethane and it’s done!

If you are interested in my projects, please consider joining my youtube channel. I’d like to try and grow it, and it’s still very small (less than 25 subscribers!). Also I have a website where all of the files are provided for free, along with lots of other designs/files for free:


Nicely done!

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with shallow work like that, I would probably try tu shave off some time by not roughing. The finishing pass with a small stepover should not really be a problem.

just my 2 cents :wink:

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You might be right, but it was a risk to try :slight_smile: it does get pretty deep since the stock is .75" thick to begin with…

But I guess you never know for sure until you try it. Maybe if I make some more out of cheaper wood I’ll give that a try :slight_smile:

Very cool.

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Thanks :slight_smile:
Get the files and make them yourself! A really simple project. I gave them to some neighbor kids that moved in :wink:

I can see some of these in the future for a grandson or two when my daughters get married and have kids. No BIG hurry on that though.

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cool project.

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Make it! If I can provide clearer or more useful info/files please lemme know. I’m trying to provide the most widely useful files, but could even include my fusion toolpaths, gcode, whatever.

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Hi. Can this be made with Carvery? Thanks!

Carvey has a carving area of 11.6” x 8” (approximately 30cm x 20cm) in the X and Y axes respectively.
So yes, it can but overall length of a part is limited to the X/Y range of the Carvey.

How long is the original part?