New router cutting air

Hi all,
I just replaced the Dewalt 611 that came with my xcarve with a new router (also a dewalt 611. Just newer)

But now my xcarve is cutting air. When I use the z probe, the bit stays at the same height as the gold plate and won’t go deeper. So I’m carving about an inch over the material.

If I do it manually via the paper method, the bit stays about 1/16” above the material. Any ideas?

I’m still fairly new to this.


Anything blocking motion?

Is the new router seated fully in the spindle? I always replace routers instead of brushes, and with each one I have to remind myself to file the yellow casing down in one spot, so that the router will go all the way down.

As far as I can tell it’s seated all the way down. What do you mean by filing the yellow casing down?

Not that I can see.

Assuming the spindle physically won’t go low enough… If you look at these photos you’ll see that the router casing (yellow) sits behind the black aluminum. It won’t go past the lip unless you file the case. I had to do this with my original Z axis too. This would keep your router higher than it should be. If I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying, I apologize.

AH! I see what you’re saying. I’ll take a look. I’m in the process of rewiring everything as well and fixing things that weren’t set up properly when I put the X Carve together.

Thanks for the help.

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Thanks for the help everyone! I called Inventables and it turned out to be an internal switch that was turned off. Not sure how it happened!

@GiovannaDiazFabiani from Inventables was a great help.

She stayed on with me for over an hour and we figured out the issue together. Give that woman a raise, Inventables!


Do you recall what the fix was for this? I just finished up my Z axis upgrade and I’m have the exact same issue. Everything runs like it used to, but after Z probing my material (everything is square), it just carves air.

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Hi Sam, this issue is caused by the Z assembly being mounted too high and the linear rails will reach the lower limit of travel, causing a physical crash and lost steps…

For most users, using normal length bits, the assembly need to be lowered by about 1" - 1.5" lower than the photos in the guide show… Inventables includes this line of info in the new entire cnc assembly, but nothing in the a la carte upgrade kit instructions…

You’ll just need to loosed those 4 screws that are accessible from the back, then lower the whole Z Axis assembly. I would set it so your shortest bits can reach the wasteboard.