New SIMPLE Z Axis Wiggle/Slop/Play EASY Fix!

Hi Folks,
After looking and looking, and trying and trying, I stumbled on what i believe is a New SIMPLE Z Axis Wiggle/Slop/Play EASY Fix.

SO, Here it is:
If your X Carve is like mine, there is a LOT of play on the bottom wheels of the Z Axis.
I moved the adjustable cam in as far as it would go - STILL too loose!!
Them I got to looking closely, and noticed that there is more bearing shoulder on one side of the bearings than the others. I reversed one of the bearings and again adjusted the wheels - NO SLOP!!! Better carving than I had ever done!! IF this helps you, please let me know!
God Bless,
Martin Gutzmer


can you post some pictures? I’m having My Z Axis spindle holder rollers wobble if I jiggle the spindle. I’m wondering if that was the same problem you had.

I do not have pictures, but just look closely at the wheels, and you will see that one side has a thicker boss. Reverse this whee;, and see if it tightens it up.
Hope this helps,
God Bless,