New stepper what wires? HELP!

Got a new stepper motor and of course it was not the plug and play one you would get with the kit. Red,Green,black and blue wires from new one the old one has has a four pin connection with a white wire as well. Also the new one doesn’t have a Pulley on it. Wtf I suppose to do with a new one with no pulley and not knowing what wires go to what?

1a. Do you know what stepper you have? If so, read the data sheet or share here for help.
1b. Don’t know what stepper you have? Read this: Step motor
2. Order a pulley

Taking a look at the old instructions might help. I. The old version we didn’t have plug n play motors and wires.

You’ll need to get a pulley. We moved from pulleys with set screws to pressed on pulleys to eliminate the failure mode of the pulley getting loose from vibration.

thanks guys look at it in the morning just doesn’t make sense not to get what the original one is.

Did you order it from Inventables?

Yes I did

Which one? They’re pretty good about data sheets and drawings. It probably tells you which wires are paired. Then just connect one pair to 1&2 and the other to 3&4. If it goes the wrong way, flip 1&2.

No data sheet just the motor came in

They are downloads on the site. If you tell me what you ordered, I’ll tell you the wire pairs.

Still willing to help out with motor wires? Haha. If so I could use some help. I am trying to trouble shoot through it now.

@BruceSTL What are you having trouble with?

Thank for getting back to me. I figured it out. Trial and error method. I was trying to find out how the x controller was set up for the wires leading into it from the Z-axis. Using the link you posted back in July 2018 I was able to get it going. I bought a x carve slider from CNC4newbie and put a new motor with a dual shaft on it. I have been out of the hobby for a while, life got real busy. But I am trying to get back into it. Now I need to adjust the steps for the new set up. Thanks again for responding.