New T-Shirt

Designing new T-Shirts is fun!

Ha! I was thinking more along the lines of:

Ask Your Doctor if an X-Carve is Right for You…


“As Your Doctor if Your are Mentally Healthy Enough for X-Carve”

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Considering the heart rhythm you posted is atrial fibrillation, a doctors consultation is highly recommended!

Larry Operating Room RN



very nice next question how much ($) what size and what colors ???

I am taking orders now any size, any color for the special introductory cost of $45 per shirt or two for $100.

Due to the current demand please allow 8 to 12 weeks for your order to ship.

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Of course, the actual cost is $47.50 per shirt * . $45 was just the introductory offer.

  • $11 shipping, $8 export tax, $6 handling charge, $2 royalty fee, $3.50 licensing fees not included
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I see what you are saying. You are correct it should have been 3 for $160.


You save money by buying 2 at once so you don’t to pay all the fees twice.

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Exactly! Saving my customers money is always my main goal!

I would like to clarify what this thread is about to help out with confusion some may be experiencing! :grinning:

This started out with a t-shirt we would “like” to see, not for any that are available. A few chimed in with other ideas. (everyone is welcome to do the same). In order to show that the posters are not serious (yet?), the cost is ambiguous. I am sure if there were enough interest and with the blessing of Inventables, some might even see the light of day! :+1:

What? Maybe that’s why my T-Shirt sales are so bad.

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Naw, I think your problem is that your prices aren’t high enough. Everyone knows that if you pay a lot of money for something, it must be worth it!


Excellent point.

New pricing model:

Any shirt, any size now just $75 (all fees and taxes now included)

All shirts are made of the finest cotton like material available at short notice, hand made by semi autonomous robots in a country to be named later

Order in the next 24 hours and receive a free pair of knee high white athletic socks for only $4 in extra handling charges


What a DEAL!!! Lol

Let’s talk socks.

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For only $2 extra I will upgrade the socks to goldtoe!

Plus extra extra shipping since gold is heavier. :smiley:

Of course!

Standard shipping arrives in 12 to 14 week or you can upgrade to express shiping for a small fee of $8.50 and your package is guaranteed to arrive within 13 weeks.