New to Carvey... Help please

Hi I want to cut/carve one inch walnut wood, but I see the bits are too small. I can’t find any bit long enough on inventables, What bit do I use??? this even possible? Should I just get an x-carve?

You can get collets for 1/4 inch bits and the Carvey has nearly 3 inches of vertical travel so it should be possible to order 3rd party bits and do the cutting you want. That said, the spindle in a Carvey is 300 watts which is less than half a horsepower. You may be asking a lot from your Carvey if you expect to cut through one inch of walnut. It might be possible if you take it slow and make shallow passes. The X-carve might be a better solution for your needs.

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If I had to cut through 1" material on a Carvey, I’d probably come at it from both sides. Cut halfway through, flip, cut the other half.

Thank you so much I will get some 3rd party bits on Amazon… then also buy those collect for the 1/4 for sure!!! your a life saver!!!

Thanks for your help, the thing is I can’t flip it because I want a deep bowl shape basically.

If you’re not cutting through, are you sure you need the longer bit then?
How are you generating your gcode?

Careful running a 1/4" bit in the Carvey. It’s a relatively weak spindle, so you can’t take passes like the X-Carve.