New to Carving

Sorry. I’m new to cnc carving. I’ve done two peices and on both the fine detail in the lettering is being missed. I’m confused as I’ve searched but haven’t been able to find the answer. Using 1/8" bit. It cleans out on some but not all

If you run the simulation on the right screen it will show you what will be carved. Change the bit size to a 1/16" and simulate it and see what you get. You may need to swich to a v bit. Also welcome to the forums.

I will try that. Thank you for responding

If you look at the simulation you will be able to see what it will carve with whatever bit you put in.

Question. Is there a way or link to show how to cut one project with multiple bits

Check out pawpaws workshop he may have something.

Awesome info… thank you

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Hi Scott, you should carve your Guild pin, that would look nice on a good piece of wood!

Going too when I figure more out. Still and always learning

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