New to CNC, couple questions left after searching

About to order my 1000mm X-Carve after looking in to which CNC brand I wanted. I’ve decided on an X-Carve and have spent a few days lurking around here researching on various things, looking up tutorials on YouTube, and just general google research. YouTube has made understanding many of the aspects of the software easier to understand and far less intimidating. Ordering the VCarve desktop software with the unit. I have a background working with some pretty complicated software so I don’t think learning VCarve will be too difficult, some of the 3D modeling may be but I’ll worry about that down the road. Also have a pretty extensive background mechanically so I don’t THINK assembling the unit will be too difficult, but I’ve been wrong in the past. This will be a great addition to my little side business

I already have a DW611 spindle, so just wondering if the 1/8’ precision collet @ $58 is a worthy addition?

As far as carving bits, I’m adding the bit set for soft metals for sure. Anyone else recommend adding the high speed steel 2 flute upcut bit? I’m also wondering about the carving super pack with 10 bits, would ordering it eliminate the need to order any of the other smaller sets?

Thanks for the help!

Hi Brian,

Congrats on your purchase! You’ll love it, just be patient. :grin:

I don’t have a Dewalt so I can’t help you there but here’s a link to some bits that may interest you: Preventing laminate (glued to wood) tearout?

The 1/8" precision is a worthwhile upgrade, you want a good collet if you happen to use any bits with 1/8" shank…

As for bits, it’s really hard to give you a “final” answer on bits. It will depend on what you want to carve, and you’ll find, after a few weeks of carving, that some bits work better for YOU than others.

My recommendation, start with the packs Inventables provides, try everything, play, then figure out what you like and buy more. You’ll never know how well it works until you try, and bits are consumables, you won’t just buy one set and be done…

There is an older post on this forum named “Favorite Bits”. Here is my post on my favorite collets and bits to date:

The very inexpensive 1/8" carbide end mills ($14 for 10) and ball mills ($8 for 10) have been amazingly good workhorses. The bit diameters are dead on, and I’ve only broken a few of the end mills when I started working aluminum.