New to Easel and XCarve and looking at secondary software for 3D carving

Would anyone mind sharing a few G-Code files for me to test carve, I have gotten pretty good with using Easel (for an old man) and would like to explore, test some 3D designs to see if it is something I want to explore. I have mostly made clocks and signs so far. Email is


You can download the review version of Vectric Vcarve and it will let you generate gcode for several of their projects. You can then load that Gcode into Easel to do a 3D carve.

I know you can carve the 3D eagle from the demo version, you can also carve the Paradise box lid to really see what a vbit can do.


Thanks, Ill try it

Just be sure you use the Xcarve post processor for Vcarve

The post processor is listed in the drop down menu. Also, there are two versions, one is in inches and one is mm. Select the one that you design in. They must match