New to me XCarve 1000

I just recently purchased a used XCarve 1000x1000. The person I bought it from purchased it in 2019. Wondering if someone could give me a couple pointers. The machine is equipped with homing switches, a dust shoe and a Dewalt 611 router. Here are my questions

  1. When I hit the home button on my machine it goes to the farthest left corner. Should I reset the homing switches so it lines up with the corner of the lines on the wasteboard (left front corner)?
  2. When I am changing out bits on a two bit cut, my XY axis moves freely. Is it suppose to do this? I’ve tried hitting the lock machine button and it does not seem to do anything. When I set up a carve I also set my XY to the left front corner of my material. If I hit the work zero it never goes to that spot.
  3. Is it worth upgrading the belts, motor and Z axis on this machine?

Any help or suggestions anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.


It should be homing right the way it is. To lock the stepper motors you need to change your setting for $1 to $1=255 and that should hold it. As far as the upgrade i am sure it would be better.

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Hi Jason,

Ive just got a new/old Xcarve too.

  1. I just set the homing switches up for X and Y so they gave me as much workspace as possible without fouling any part of the Xcarve.

  2. Havent done a 2-part cut yet, but as per other post you can set X-Controller DIP switches on X and Y axis to lock out the motors so it wont move.

  3. I’ve got the old NEMA 23 servos and 6mm belts. I was going to purchase the upgrade kit, but for me it seems to be doing fine for what I need it to do.

Although the upgrade kit is not mandatory, it certainly will improve your overall experience with the XCarve. I did the upgrade on my machine and I am very happy that I did. It is much stronger, more stable, and I am able to cut faster thus saving time. I can’t think of any real downside to the upgrade.

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It’s great to see that you are still here helping so many people get the most out of their CNC machine.


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