New to this and interested in purchase

I want to thank the team at Inventibles first for making a product that is not only affordable but can also be very educational and profitable. I have not yet purchased my x-carve but in the very near future I’m sure I will be. I do have some questions that I was not able to find in my weeks of researching.

  1. I have worked with CNC machines before but they were all metal cutting Hass machines. We ran those at speeds up to 500 inches per minute on the X and Y axis through aluminum. Now I understand that x-carve is more of an off the shelf type CNC and cannot handle spindle loads that high. Are there upgrades from the Dewalt 611 router that can handle higher speeds than 80-100 inches per minute X or Y travel or is the limit lay with the stepper motors?

  2. I understand that you can use different software for designing and I have looked extensively into Easel but I need 3D carving for most things. While Easel is a great and extremely effective tool for creating 2D or 2.5D designs, it does not offer the full 3D that I am after. I have been working with Fusion 360 on my personal time to learn that although I am more apt to use ArtCam because that is what I am used to using. I have access to it at work and my boss does not care if I use it after work hours for personal uses (Computer, not CNC machines). My question is this, is the X-Carve capable of creating things like this photo or even more intricate than this?

  3. I plan on running this in my basement and I have looked that the forums and the enclosures that others have built look great. I was wondering about the noise though. Obviously it cuts down on the noise by putting a barrier up but how much success have you had with them? I am going to attempt to get the machine inside a enclosure to under 65 db if possible. I don’t have a plan for dust collection yet without spending too much. Has anyone been able to reduce the noise this low?

1 - It is not the Dewalt 611 that limit feed rates, it is the machine rigidity - or lack of compared to a pro machine.

2 - The Xcarve can make those just fine provided you have the software (Fusion or other) to make the code. The Xcarve only follow the code.

3 - The Dewalt is for most applications best spent at speed setting #1 (16k rpm) Low chip thickness and “low” rpm keep the noise down compared to pro machines. 65dB may require specific sound proofing measures, but anything can be achieved through either a separate enclosure or sound treated room. If you consider a little of the latter take a look at what people do in their home cinema rooms - lot of good ideas there.

  1. So I have seen videos of people doing homemade upgrades to the X and Y gantries using things like aluminum I beams and plates to eliminate flex. Would that be enough to run at 150 ipm through harder woods using 1/4 down cutting bit on a roughing passes at .08 to .1 plunge depths? This comes into play with the noise levels as well, faster feed rates require higher spindle speeds to keep chip load in the sweet spot.

  2. Like I said I have access to use ArtCam and create G-Code and just run it through universal g-code sender, so no issues there. Thanks

  3. Thinking ahead I was creating a media room in my house with the last unfinished room in my basement when my wife decided that it would make a better storage room that a home theater. (I think she’s crazy) Either way I have insulated the room with Roxul sound proofing insulation on the ceiling and 2 or the 4 exterior walls and the other 2 walls are foundation walls insulated with R13. I’m hoping that should work be enough after I replace the door with a solid core. Hopefully with a enclosure and a little soundproofing I should be able to keep the noise even at full spindle speeds within 70-75 db inside the room and 40ish outside. I tested the TV upstairs at 80 dp and in the media room directly below it it was roughly 38 db, so it works. I’m a little worried about dust collection but I’ll cross the bridge when I come to it.

I believe many of those videos show older incarnations of the Xcarves/Shapeokos and general there is little/few upgrade needs from today stock model. The first upgrade IMO would be to look at a proper Z-slider to stiffen that up. Wether 150ipm at 0.1" depth with 1/4" bits is achievable in stock mode I do not know as my CNC is comparable to the Xcarve capabilities but no Xcarve. Others might chime on on those specifics :slight_smile:

I still shouldn’t have an issue with ArtCam you think? I can generate the G-code and send with universal sender. Should be the same as using vcarve or aspire really, I’m just more comfortable with ArtCam.

Great work you have there by the way, exactly the kind of stuff that I am looking at doing. Mine might be a little lighter on the Z depth though, not sure I’m going to go that deep on most things. Eventually I will push the limits.

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Well I guess now the hard part comes in. Any tips on convincing my wife to let me get one?

You wont make it in time for this year but there is always the hope for 2019… :wink:

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I just bought a new wood working tool, and by the way your new car is up in the driveway. Want to go for a ride?

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Haha I think we all went through this. My wife saw a dining table with a popular (don’t even remember what it said) saying on it. She said. “can you make me this!” I said. “ Sure. Need to buy some tools.” She smiled and said. “Yay. Ok”. 2 years and many upgrades later. She’s still waiting on her table :sunglasses:

Easiest way for me to convince my wife was to show how the machine would pay for itself.