New To X Carve and having cutting depth issue


I just bought and setup and X-Carve. I have had it a little over two weeks and my carves are coming out good for the most part. occasionally I will get an issue where the the cutting doesn’t go as deep as the rest of the project, when it is all set to the same depth. I have checked the wood thickness and it is the same from end to end. I checked the spindle and it is 90 degrees. I have even went back and recalibrated the belts and rails. Any idea what would cause this? You can see the right corner didn’t carve or just barely hit the wood. The wood is the same thickness across the board.

Any help is appreciated as I am at a stand still right now.

Could be your spoilboard is not flat or could also be claping pressure where you clamp it down.

I do clamp it down pretty hard but the spill board is just the stock one that came with the machine. I didn’t put anything under this as it wasn’t cutting all the way through.

Could be either one but i would start by checking the waste baord.

I did create a piece of wood to fit under one side of the x rail to see if there is a difference from the left side to the right and it’s exactly the same height from spill board to bottom of the X rail. I tried the calipers and they literally fell apart when I was opening them to get check the height. I will give support a try tomorrow. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Either one or combination of the following factors, in suspected order:

  • Height variations relative to Z across the spoil board
  • Uneveness in material thickness
  • Clamping (For such a project I’d just use blue masking tape and CA-glue as hold-down)
  • Bow in gantry (not likely)
  • Bit sliding in the collett (not likely)

Designs and carves like this one is very Z-critical and to ensure consistent results the common practice is to add a 2nd wasteboard surface and perform a skim cut which makes it uniform relative to Z.