New to xcarve .. Can i use other software to create gcode file?

Hi i may be buying a xcarve…question i have is can i use any software to create my project or am i restricted to using what comes with xcarve?,…and if i can,use other software, what file format does xcarve work with?

Can i use artcam with xcarve or f-engrave…etc

I would appreciate anybodys input…i want to make sure xcarve will be a good fit for me.

buy V-carve desktop or Pro and you’ll never look back. Also Pic-sender to send the code.


PixelCNC is also great for converting an image into a 3d carving. It is $50, but way better than using the free version. It has its limitations, but it generates the G-code. They also have a trial version.

Thank you…i am not going to buy software…there are sufficient free versions out there that will be plenty good enough for me…im just a hobbyist…

My brother wants to sell me a new unopened unassembled xcarve 1000mm which he bought new in 2015 with dewalt router for $750

So its new old stock.

Is that a good deal?..ive been told its ok price.

I use EnRoute software to do all my programming and just use easel as the controller(keypad).

Xcarve is only a machine, it does what its told to do.
The controller is Arduino/GRBL based and is the interpreter between design (CAD) and export of design (CAM)
The export (CAM) use a post processor (translator) to match the machine used.

So as long as your design software (CAD) have a post processor to match Xcarve you are good to go.

Thanks…thats good information…i did not know the name of the controller technical term used with xcarve…now i do…has anyone heard of a software called delcam ( autodesk) featurecam?..i have used that…was hoping i could use it with xcarve

I dont intend on using easel…so it does seem that its not necessary…which is great…what is the software that enables end user to load the gcode program into xcarve and run the job…?..

I know my featurecam has many post processors to choose…ill check it out one day…im not thinking its compatible but im hoping it is

I really recommend Easel for a first time user - it is easy to use and combine CAD/CAM/gcode sender in one package.
Once you reach a limitation in Easel then investigate where to go.

Easel can import gocde and send it to the machine, provided the correct post processor was used.
But using gcode with unknow origin is not recommended as no machine is identical to another.

I use Autodesk Fusion360 as CAD/CAM and Universal Gcode Sender (UGS) or Easel as senders.
There is a specific post prosessor for both UGS and Easel available.

It appears that Autodesk has gone to a subscription model (pay x $ per year) for using their software.

Would be a show stopper for me, but it seems several companies have gone to this model, which locks me into the last version I bought that was pay once for the rights to use forever.

That’s not a problem for me, but people just starting out don’t have that option with several companies.

Not the facts, just my opinion.

thanks…i have featurecan installed on my pc so thats not an issue

i will look at post processor info and send a screenshot here when i get time and see if someone can hlep me choose one tat will work with xcarve


here are some screenshots of my post processor choices in featurecam…not sure any would work with xcarve

and you guys are great…i appreciate the input and help

Thanks…is easel web based?

I cant use and dont like web based …

for some thing similar and also free check out Carbide Create. it installs local and uses local fonts and also has V-Carve.

If i dont have internet how would i send gcode to xcarve without easel?

And im still stumped on why a cnc router would have such a limited z height…heck if you take the z height and subtract your cutter length…you only have maybe 1 inch of z workspace…thats ridiculous…why?..

There are several programs that will send G-code to a device. Some are free, some you pay for.

Examples: Universal G-code sender (free) PicSender ($25). Both of these run on your local computer.

for a list of control programs check out this list

the X-Carve is a fork of the Shapeoko 2 so this list is relative.

for a list of design programs check out this list.

you will notice that Easel is also listed in this list.