New tools what are your thoughts

I bought this tool what materials will it work great in?

I also bought this one what do you think this one will work great in?


why do you buy tools without knowing what they’ll cut?

i suspect wood for starters :poop:

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Well I am a newbie and I am looking for input from more advanced users on there thoughts anyone can read the “CAN’D” product descriptions but advice from actual users is always more valuable

I am thinking the geometry of the helix has to mean something thoughts?

Did they have a description when you purchased them?



so basically what you have there are 2 different spiral bits

one is a high helix and the other is a low helix

High helix tools I have found work be in composite woods such as mdf, particle board, plywood


Low helix tools work great in natural hard and softwoods

I like your question there are alot of tools out there and they are all designed for a different purpose it seems like and your right lots of times product descriptions suck

I hope that helps