New UGS with feed rate adjust

Have you tried picsender yet?
I played around with it yesterday for a couple of hours, ran ~10 programs with it, all without a hiccup.
I’m thinking about popping for it.
However, that feed rate adjust is very interesting.
Am understanding it right? you can adjust your feed rate as its cutting?


I think some of the added features like feed rate override will require GRBL 1.1 installed since GRBL added the overrides in GRBL 1.1:

I looked at the platform version of UGS and never really used it but now I might try it, even though some features may not work on the RaspberryPi.

Thanks for the info. Is that the classic download or the next gen version?

That can be done now with the current version of PicSender using the CFR button & grbl versions prior to 1.1. It will change the feedrate while the gcode file is running, but if there are multiple Fxxx commands in the gcode file, then it will reset to those feedrate values when they are executed.

With grbl version 1.1+, there is a Feedrate & PWM (spindle) percent override in PicSender.

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This morning I asked for some information for picsender and was told to go to the help section.
I read the help section of picsender and there is nothing in there describing the buttons and their functions.
Hell,I don’t even know CFR means.
I really need better information .

Key word “guess”. (and you could very well right)
I’m only a dumb ■■■ that been doing this for about 4 months.
When people start throwing acronyms around they only assume that everyone knows what they mean.
An instructional pdf would help tremendously for all the noobs.
Sorry, starting to rant now.


Did you even bother to read the PDF Tutorial in Help?

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yes i read the whole thing this morning.
what you posted up above, is nothing close to what i downloaded this morning.
there is no CFR button and there is no panel showing feed rates.

its what picingravertoo posted earlier

What pdf??
The only thing I read was the help button on your program.

Sorry, I just saw the tutorial button.
I’m going back and read some more.

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The CFR represents Change Feed Rate and it’s explained on page 18 in the Tutorial PDF. Also when you run your mouse cursor over buttons, a brief description window will open.

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It’s easy to get frustrated, there is a lot of material to learn about CNC. Sometimes we know a concept, but don’t know the vocabulary that is commonly used to talk about it. It takes a little while to catch up with the years of development surrounding a discipline when you are just starting out.

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Sorry about the rant.
I am currently reading the pdf.
This is what I downloaded from your web site this morning.
When I get home later today i will check if the one on my laptop had the CFR button.
Thank you for your help.

@JanVanderlinden when you are doing your reading take into account that PicSender supports a lot of different versions of grbl and it tailors itself to work with the capabilities of the version of grbl that you have installed on your CNC machine (X-carve). You may notice some differences in the display based on the version of grbl you are running.


Well I hope that it has feed control.
there have been a number of times during the middle of a carve that I thought “boy it would be nice if I could speed it up or slow it down”

You will need to get a version of grbl that supports feed rate override. (I think it is version 1.1f at this time). It’s a new code release and may have some problems that haven’t been worked out yet.

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I have the new X controller.
Will it work?

It will work with the X-controller, but most likely your X-controller has version 1.0c installed.

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When you connect to the com port, buttons will appear and as Larry stated what buttons that are available will depend on what version of grbl your using. The CFR is available in PicSender when using grbl 9i through 1.0c. The Feedrate & PWM Overrides are available with grbl 1.1+.

If you have anymore PicSender questions, ask them here:

Phil, we did not mean to hijack your thread.


Well, this started out with me asking Phil if he tried picsender because we both are experiencing some common problems.
Then it went south.
Sorry bout that.

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