New User can i use a laser

I have a mill right 35x35 CNC with a 24w laser can i use easel

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yes for the CNC, However Easel doesn’t generate Laser commands properly so for when you want to use the Laser module I suggest LightBurn, it’s a one time cost of $60.

You could also use LaserGrbl, but the $60 gets you a far superior software with lightburn…

thank you so much

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Hi and thanks for the lightburn site it is nice however i can seem to frame a project my machine goes somewhere else

Oh, that’s likely z result if the origin setting your using.
Lighburn doesn’t use similar origin setup to cncs and for those starting off with cncs lighburn origin setup can be a fun experience to learn/ understand.
I can’t really teach it in a forum either, best to watch YouTube like LA Hobby guy to learn how it works…


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