New user: error generating 3D toolpaths using an imported STL file

Hi, I’m new to Easel and CNC routers in general - although I do own a 3D printer.
I just bought a Saintsmart PROVer V2 which should come in handy when working on my projects.

I built an (Nakamichi) cassette deck remote control based on an ESP MCU and wanted a custom face plate for the aluminum project box. The project is over here: Nakamichi remote control receiver unit built - YouTube

A friend created it and sent me the STL file.
I can import it in Easel but when I click Generate Toolpaths I get an error message.
Anyone know what the problem is?

Here’s the file: Easel

And it would be great if someone could point me to which settings and bit(s) I should use for cutting the plate from a sheet of 1.5 mm aluminum.

Cheers, Eric

Hi Eric, that project hasn’t been shared, making it only accessible to you via that link and for the rest of us it will not open…

This is what we see after clicking the link now…

you can follow the 2nd half of this video to set the easel project to unlisted, then the prior link will actually work

Aha, I didn’t know that, I set it to unlisted.

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This Project would carve much better as a 2.5D design using a svg or dxg of the design rather than a .stl file.

Because your material thickness setting and you model size for Z are the same you’re getting your current error.
You could decrease the model z thickness by 1mm and then it should create the toolpaths…

OK, great, thanks for your help!

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