New user of Easel

I’m new at cnc use and Easel. I;m still experimenting with the program and I’ve noticed that every little change I make to my project gets saved. I’m curious as to whether or not this process can be stopped until the finished product is set? I’ve done a couple of project using a 60 degree v bit but when I go to actually run the program my finished product doesn’t come out the way I expect it to and I’m curious as to whether or not the repeated changes affect the outcome. Some of my projects come out the way I want them to but others don’t despite the fact that I use the same settings. Would that be caused by making too many changes and the software gets :confused:?

See this post…

While this post will show you how to prevent the saving continuously, I caution you it sets you up for lost work and heartache. But is is a solution none the less.

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Hi Harold. I agree with Robert. The saving of each change doesn’t affect your outcome. But I’d imagine it will have an affect on the undo/redo function?

Use the preview before you cut to make sure it’s what you want to see. Can be a cut too small for the bit size you have selected. Sometimes it can be something simple like bringing forward the main components so they are at the top layer. Pretty sure everyone here will have made that mistake. I know I have :joy:


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