New user's ideas

Bit Geometry: I’d be surprised if this weren’t already on the list. But additional bit types would be useful. That, obviously, would need to display properly on the 3D preview. Ball nose and V-bits would seem logical.

Hide Paths: Once paths are generated, under the "hide Material, I’d like to see “hide Path.” This would show a 3D representation of the material after the paths; not the normal 3D render of the 2D space. Different bit sizes (and geometries) could be experimented with quickly and visually.

Offsetter App: Add the ability to add a Z offset to the created instances as well as selecting “fills” as well as “outlines.” You could select a circle shape, select “inward” and specify a Z offset of -1/16. This would rough a sphere shape as though you had adjusted the Zs by hand.

File >> Close: Saves then closes the open doc, showing a blank work area and opening the project library. Better user experience than closing the tab because one would be sure that it was saved properly.

App favorites or history: Eventually it would be nice if we could have quick access to frequently used apps.

Translate G-Code: move/scale imported g code sequences in 3D space. It would also be nice if there was a G-Code entity type that would allow placement and use along with other Easel entities such as text and shapes. This might also allow some low-level g code validation against the material settings to warn the user when their imported sequence goes “out of bounds.”

Easel is already a great tool. I can’t wait to see where it goes!

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