New vector tracing software!

Check it out I think I found a new free vector tracing software lol

just look at this image and tell me which one did a better job

Red Line = V-carve Pro
Black Line = Autodesk Art Cam

they were traced from exactly the same image

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Show original image to campare :slight_smile:

have you tried curve fit in vectric?
look from 30:20

Here is the original image

I was more showing here how the artcam software seems to do a smoother job of tracing than v-carve


well i have played around with the settings in v-carve pro and artcam

imo Artcam has the best and simplest default settings and really i dont have time to be messing around with the settings on images that I need to trace in this case speed whens because on images like the one above you can not really charge the customer for graphic work it is just something that needs to be done and done quickly

plus imo v-carve pro is not very good at tracing color images or I have not been able to figure it out yet and Artcam traced most color images I threw at it in a number of seconds and minor changes to the defaults