New Video: No Clamps Just Super Glue and Tape

I uploade a new video that hopefully will answer the many questions that have been asked in this forum about using tape and super glue. Check it out
YouTube Channel:


I use this method often!

Guess I’ll have to do more new videos. Lol

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Awesome. It works really well. Some of the new folks have not seen this method

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Use tape & glue same as you but don’t use tabs. Best part about tape and glue…don’t need tabs.


Sometime you need to pay attention to placing the tape in the right areas. Had the tape been added like this no tabs would be needed. All the cut out parts would have been held in place.

The only real concern with this is to not zero Z on an outside edge as it is unsupported and may yield a too of a deep cut. I usually find the two layers of tape and glue is about .02" thick. Try to probe Z on the tape or at least between the two strips.

If everything is set right I can usually cut through the work piece and into the tape/glue but not hit the wasteboard.


Truth be told I forgot to take them out. Lol

Another nice video.

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I also have had success with a simple glue gun. A little glue on the side edges and spoilboard works …


Using hot glue??

Thank you

yep …

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I’m out of free days with Easel Pro. I going to have do something else


True I have used it on my lathe