New wasteboard

Does the new wasteboard fit the 1000 as a remove and replace? Looked like it fit over the board and was smaller. Looked like it would fit my 750.

Yes it is a remove and replace kit (there are instructions in the link I’ll put at the bottom if u want to see the process for removal and replacement…)

The modular wasteboard upgrade is sized to only fit the 1000mm xcarve at this time. There was discussion of making other versions for the smaller models, but I haven’t hear anything since it was asked during the press release live stream.

waste board kit?? from inventables 219.00 plus shipping

one sheet of mdf 40.00 Lowe’s Home Depot. enough to replace waste 4 to 6 times
24" t-track 4pk 35.00 amazon

do the math

Hmm the Ken kit seems a little short on parts and instructions vs the inventables kit

That Said,… IF one wants to replicate the Inventables version, I know where one could get the file ready to carve the MDF to size in Easel…


Lol, that why you use from old. waste board. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :mask:
some people are over educated (not you so don’t take this as a complement) and no common sense

and the extra extrusions & angle brackets, and other hardware that are not part of the original one?


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@SmockHome, what an entrance to the forum!

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