New workbench project

Day 3 of the new workbench. Parts for the bottom braces and lights are cut out by the X-carve.
10ft long with built in dust collector ports.
Drawers and shelves are next up.`



omg is that cedar???\

beautiful man

what plywood is that on the back splash?

Why are you putting an office in the workshop!!! Wait, my office isn’t even that nice - HA

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It is 1/2 inch baltic birch. The stain color used is Sedona Red

ahh i see lol

Absolutely gorgeous!! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a woodshop with a bench THAT nice!!

Yeah was looking for a pop of color, the rest of the wall will be faced with rough cedar that was left over from a remodel.


yeah i really like cedar when it is red in color and so what grade of baltic birch did you use is looks like a bb/bb grade maybe lower? like cp/cp or c/c?

and did you clear over that stain?

Dont know what grade, just 5x5 sheets I pick up local from the lumber yard.

Used a wax over the stain.

I think that might look really sweet with some peg board and full of tools as well or a couple of tv’s lol I have tv’s and monitors all over my shop for all sorts of things

Yeah got a 37" thats going above the Xcarve, easier to see then the laptop

put a kegerator in there and I would never leave.

ok, so eventually I would have to.


na man just build a roll out bed and your set lol

I think @JanVanderlinden was talking about the ‘used’ beer.

yep, but a cot with a blankie and pillow would be nice too.

Beautiful! Great work

Think you should make some plans up for that. I’d love to re create it in my shop. Might do it with some Tasmanian Oak. Very well done tho :smile:

Looks great. Need more power outlets I think. Or at least I have that any and constantly run short