New X-Axis/Gantry Announcement? (No)

Did I miss it?

I’m ready to upgrade!

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Where did you get this from? (You need to scroll down.)

Makes sense. I don’t see how or why they’ve been this long without making a change to a known problem, that is obviously the largest problem with the x-carve.

This image and text are referring to the X axis carriage. Not the whole gantry. The single extrusion for the carriage and a single extrusion for the spindle mount. Not the replacement of the maker slide.

Ok. Thanks. Just wishful thinking…

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yeah, I’ve been looking through the site for a hit of a single X-rail piece, and haven’t found one yet. if you are looking for one to use quickly then you may want to look at Open Build’s Open Rail Linear Rail and a 40X40 V-slot extrusion

You can even get the 40X40 stuff on Inventables site.

I do not think it is “wishful” thinking the machine they had at the maker fair and all of the forum talk about it. There is no way they are not working on it. They still probabily have a ton of single extrusion they need to burn up before they make the switch. But it could just be a conspiracy I suppose. I know I am waiting for theirs before I upgrade the 5 minute stiffening mod will work until then.

Saying too much about a (possibly) upcoming product can serious impact current sales.
Older readers may remember Osbourne Computers, look up the Osbourne effect. :smile:


Pretty much although I think the sales of the Xcarve far surpassed expectations so far and will continue since inevitably the new additions raise cost of a unit overall. I started on a Shapeoko2 - could barely afford it and got mine a month before the 3 and xcarve came out because they both cost more. Now I am in an Xcarve and see the new rails, gantry - X controller and by the time they make the next version of the Xcarve the cost will rise again and those of us with an Xcarve will have to either sell them and pay more for the new model or keep going on making the mods we have been so far… except I will buy the x controller since it is far superior to the past electronics layouts.

I just completed the 40X40 mod. Works well.

where did you get the 40x40

Available from Inventables -

I got everything from open builds. If your looking for a detailed description check out the “Xcarve mod pack 1” thread. He has links to everything you’ll need. I did the 40x40 along with he belts and pulleys and changed to eccentric spacers instead of nuts. Works a lot better. Total was around $200 for everything.

Thank’s Geoff, the two X extrusions that I have at the moment measure 50 x 46 when together, so how does this one piece extrusion work

I have been trying to find the "Xcarve mod pack 1"on open builds forum but can’t find it

It’s in an investable forum. “XCarve -upgrades”

The extrusion is 40x40 but you add v-rails to it so it gets wider.

Any plans on beefing up the thin plates they mount to?

Thank you, that explains things a lot better, I have had a read the “Xcarve mod pack1” which is a great help, thank’s to CurtCummings for linking - EliasPolitis post

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