New X-Carve Instructions

Today we launched a new and improved version of the X-Carve instructions!

In addition to a fresh new design and improved content, these instructions are fully open source. We’re hosting them on GitHub, which means that anyone can make suggestions and improvements.

The GitHub repository has instructions on how to make improvements or create GitHub issues for things that should be changed. If you have any questions about that process, I’d be happy to help.


Very nice improvement team!!!

I’m really excited by this because it transfers the instructions from Inventables to the community. People on this forum now have the power to improve the instructions with us. We gave it our best shot but there are LOTs of new people at all different levels of skill. I hope this approach will help us reach people at the level their at.

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The new ones have clearer pictures and an easier to read font.

But the old ones I was able to print the entire instructions to a pdf in one shot - important since I’ll be assembling this in my workshop with no internet access.

The new ones you’ve broken it into different pages, with some funky little links within each page. I started to print each page, thought I was doing OK, and then found there are hidden links on some pages (page 3, limit switches is the first one I found.)

Is there a complete set somewhere available for download on one page?

EDIT: Nevermind - I just used a website copier and sucked down all 15 pages at once (without the video).

@JoeMeyer that’s a good suggestion. We can definitely add a downloadable PDF version of the entire instructions.


Great job I’m lucky my x-carve just arrived, everything to succeed :sunglasses:

Is there a PDF of the complete instructions? I prefer to follow by paper instructions without running back and forth to a computer which is not located near my build. Thanks