New X-Carve launched today!

Will the seperate upgrade parts also be available via Robosavvy in the UK?

From my understanding the z probe is Grbl v0.9 functionality on pin A5 So with the right commands in ugs that should be no problem. I will report this soon when my probe plate arrives.

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You can use the Z Probe on the Arduino/gShield setup, but it is trick to wire. You typically use the socket (A5) pointed to in the image. The heavy wires coming out of the X motor terminal block above it add some difficulty.

We, therefore, don’t recommend non electronic “ninjas” from doing it.


I’m super excited about the ‘New’ X-Carve. I hope enough people keep buying/upgrading that we get a ‘Super Turbo New’ X-Carve every few years :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t go so far as saying you need to be a ‘Ninja’ to add the Z Probe to the Arduino/gShield… Anybody that can hold a soldering iron and follow directions should be able to do it. I understand why Inventables says ‘X Controller Only’… It would be a support nightmare since the gShield doesn’t have a breakout header for it.

If people want to know more about how Z Probes work with the older Arduino/gShield setup i suggest they look at some of @CharleyThomas great threads/videos.


Hi Zach,

Really nice upgrades.

I do hope you also offer the upgraded hardware like the new wheel tensioners and nylock nuts.

Will you offer the 240v Dewalt 611 w/mount separately for sale?


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Stiff doorbell wire works very well to connect to Pin A5. I push a short piece of it in the hole at A5 and then put a small loop (of the insulated portion) in it so that the G-Shield actually holds it in place and route the wire out the back of the enclosure. Then solder the normal wire that runs to the touch plate to that. I have been using that setup for months with absolutely no problem at all. It runs to my Triquetra 3 Axis touch plate and works like a dream.

Could it be that we will be able to load a 3 axis zero g-code file in Easel now?


Will the new gantry maker slide be available in black and clear finishes? The “pre-order me now” page appears to only have clear, but all of the promo photos have a black one.

I plan on painting flames on it either way for increased feeds and speeds :sunglasses:


@BartDring @Zach_Kaplan

Sorry to tag you, but I’m hoping someone can answer above questions about the eccentric upgrades, and a rough idea of if there’s a going to be a parts list and/or install guide?

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It’d be nice if the new wide X axis Makerslide has “X-Carve” on it, but that’s not mentioned in the description. I’d miss having it there, I’d get over it, but I’d still miss it.

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We don’t support G38.2 commands when importing G-Code, so at the moment, no.

Thanks! It didn’t look black to me in the end photo, and I missed the “Black” on the size selection.

Yay Black!

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hi @MartinLightheart we sell the mount separately on this page. We are working on getting the hardware up for sale separately too.

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@AlanDyke they are working on the eccentric upgrades plan right now. More to come.


Hey there @PhilJohnson I’m going to ask the team to put together a more thoughtful response than I could give in a quick reply here.

We have all different skill levels of X-Carve owners so I want to come back with a more thoughtful response. What is simple and obvious to some is complex and non-obvious to others. We have people that don’t read instructions, we have people that write their own instructions, and we have meticulous people that read the instructions twice and carefully take each step in a clean room environment like a surgeon. Even for experts there are considerations like the stepper wire going through it, the order of operations, whether you have drag chain, the fact that the gantry will slide around, what to do with the belts, etc.

I don’t want to flippantly say “yea just swap it out” and someone reads that busts out a screw driver and then has a problem because they didn’t realize it’s easier if you do ABC before DEF.

If we come back with a video or set of pictures or order of operations it will give people of all levels and carefulness a better opportunity to succeed.


I don’t think I was clear there, but I meant the 240v Dewalt 611 router too and not just the mount. :slight_smile:


Your like a pit bull with a new bone @PhilJohnson. Never surrender!! Lol

@PhilJohnsvza they are the same size peak to peak. As long as you don’t strip the screws on the way out you can reuse them.


@PhilJohnson whoops typo on your name