New X-Carve launched today!

It just got featured on Make:


I’m being told late September.

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Man… bad timing. I’ve been procrastinating on upgrading my Shapeoko 2, but I finally broke down last week and ordered the 1m lengths of Makerslide and other extrusions that I needed for the project. I’m thinking now that I should have procrastinated another month. :slight_smile:

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I hear ya. I just ordered the OpenBuilds 40x40. Oh well,

You can still get the X-Controller and new gantry separately.

Looks like a great upgrade.

I have a few questions about the 1000m upgrade kit does it come with the extra stepper motor wires?

I take it that a new y carriage is also included?

In the video you mention that there is a heatsink and fan to help with longevity. Where about’s is this located? I got the impression that it was included in the y carriage. and is it part of the upgrade kit.

Hi, does the new controller improve the accuracy over longer distance? That is how precise is a cut from 0 to 30 inches, is there some way to calibrate the device now for that long distance to be more precise ? (the current xcarve, depending on how much you tighten the belts, you may get it to travel 30.125 inches instead of 30 inches, only by loosening the belt, can I get it closer to moving 30 inches…

Sorry I just dont see the detail as to if this issue is addressed with the new controller or some other means…

The X-Carve upgrade kit 1000m each kit contains:
Wide MakerSlide
Side Board

That is 4 of the 13 upgrades are in the kit.

I was also confused about the “heatsink and fan” because in the video as this was talked about the video was showing the router. After a phone call I found out that the heatsink and fan is inside the X-Controller box, so I guess just adding a heatsink to the Controller because the old setup had a fan.

edit: photo of heatsink on the stepper driver controller, from post Sneak Peek at the X-Controller

I am a ninja with electronics. :smiley:
I have worked on firmware for a 3d printer.
I have extensive experience with SMT rework.


So this is why I worked 132 hours in 2 weeks looks like i will be buying some upgrades and buying the last component for my top secret add on for project x lol.


Anyone know if the z-probe includes the plug + backhaul wires to the x-controller that mount to the y carriage on the new one or is it just the probe?

If you believe the answer to the question on the page:

If it doesn’t have the hole you can wire it directly to the X-Controller. The plug is a convenience but not a requirement.

It does include the long cable that can be used to route the cable through the drag chain. It is long enough (100") for all sizes of X-Carve.

I personally would not bother upgrading to the carriage with the hole drilled in it just for this. Just connect the two cables and move them out of the way after each use.

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Regarding X-Controller Questions.

The X-Controller has the same resolution as the old electronics by default. The old controller could overheat on long jobs if you had the power turned up. The X-Controller is design so that heat and power are never an issue. You will not lose steps due to thermal issues at any power level.


Concur about the carriage, I have been using that probe set on the X-Controller for months. I just have it set in front of the controller on the side of my table, and move it in when I need it. I think it’s actually MORE convenient sitting out of the way instead of having to plug it into the carriage each time I want to use it.

I’m definitely going to be looking into a piece of the larger makerslide for the X axis, that’d be a MAJOR improvement!

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Oh man oh man oh man, love the new upgrades! I’m curious whether the steel plate upgrade is more stiff than the new makerslide, but there’s pretty much no chance of misalignment with the single piece. :smile: It may be a while, but I see a makerslide, X-Controller, and hardware (eccentric spacers/nylock nuts) upgrade in my future.

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As soon as I get mine I will be setting up the dial indicator and do some before and after measurements for a vid. If it holds up with the type of things I do then it should be just fine for the majority.


Have had my 1000x1800 running for 2 months with the upgrades spelled out all over these boards. While it’s cool there’s an upgraded version for the new folks, no part of me is upset I was 2 months early. I love my machine and it does everything i need. My only regret is not knowing about the Xcarve sooner!


can i use the new probe on my aurdino. also will the new brackets will be avliable for a shape oko upgrade.