New X-Carve Makita Router - No 1/4 inch collet and nut?

I just found some projects that need a bit with 1/4 inch diameter. My XCarvel kit Makita Router only came with a 1/8 inch collet/nut. Is that normal? Does anyone know the right 1/4 inch collet/nut I need to order and where I might find it (can’t find on Makita terrible site) and Amazon doesn’t seem to have the right combo either. Thanks all !

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X-Carves are shipped with a complete Makita RT701C which includes a 1/4" collet in that package.
And in a separate bag package is the extra 1/8" collet.

If you need a replacement 1/4" collet they are available on Amazon.

and the Makita Website:

I’m not sure where to get an OEM RT701C Nut from.

Awesome thanks Seth !

New question for you. I have added a couple new bits to the toolbox in Easel Pro (including a 1/4 inch bowl bit) but when I go to try to choose it for a project it does not appear in the list of available bits. Can’t figure out how to get it as an option to choose. Any ideas?

Tks - Brian

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