New X Carve (Nov. 2021) build questions

I just started the assembly of the new X-Carve (first timer) and ran into a few snags building the work area…

  1. There is a bag of 29 washers, I can only see a need for 10 in the instructions for the back board. Did I miss something or are there that many extra? used later?

  2. My back board is about 1/16" longer than the waste boards and T-tracks pushed together. This left a slight overhang on each side which made the stiffeners not fit flush like I assumed they would. Im going to take the work area apart and try to make sure everything is square. Any tips for making sure things are perfectly square? I assume the MDF waste boards on the left and right should be butted right up to the stiffeners but this seems hard to do if the back board is slightly longer?

  3. When adding the stiffeners do you bury them to the back rail, front rail, or center them. Seems to be a decent amount of play in either direction.

Thanks for the help.

I recently ran into this problem as well and after talking with support we came to the conclusion that I should trim the backboard to fit. I also cut out more of the side slot for the screw to fit the frame.

As for the stiffeners, I just moved them in far enough to not collide with the risers.

Thanks, after I get everything square again that might be the best route. Did you also have trouble getting the back board screws in. I wasn’t able to do it with 2 washers, only 1. Seemed like if I used 2 washers there wasn’t enough threads to get them into the T nuts.

One washer is plenty, the backboard is just there to cover, doesn’t really do anything.