New X-carve works, after pressing E-stop first time - no longer works

Many reports of this failure.

Check the E-stop cables for loose crimp connections.

Thanks to @BerliseColeman for helping track this down.

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When I assembled mine last week I couldn’t get it to power on at all. I discovered that one of the crimps on the E-stop harness was over crimped breaking the metal within the crimp. It was a very confusing few minutes with a multimeter trying to track it down.

I also found that when I press the E-Stop I will sometimes need to swap usb ports to get Easel to connect to it again.

No problem. But with the X-controller being the heart of the X-carve. instead of putting that together myself. i would rather inventables. Put the X-controller together in house. and test it. So they know that would it come to a customer. its going to work. spending almost 1800 dollars and waiting a month to get. i was not a happy camper. when it didnt work.


This is probably due to a locked up serial port from the E-stop adventure. If you are using windows you can disable the COM port, then enable it to clear the lock up. Of course a reboot would do the same thing.

NOTE: At this point the thread goes way off topic (that’s Ok with me). Continue for an amusing read, but if you are looking for information about the topic. You already have most of it at this point.

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The USB issue is not a big concern to me.

However it sound like this crimp issue is pretty widespread on the latest batch of X-controllers. Seems like someone at Inventables was using the wrong die or just squeezing a little to hard on the crimpers.

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It’s most likely a sub-contractor issue. Inventables has experienced some difficulties with over seas vendors.

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With everything going on. if its not the X-controller or the E-stop. its EASEL PRO. which i paid for the full year. I think its time for the company to hop on youtube. and do a live stream Q&A about the problem they are having.

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you right about that. i think its time to stop getting things made over seas. which could be the case also. paying and waiting a month. sounds like some China town BS.

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if you want a bench tested & assembled model here is a link to one of the many available for sale…however The $1800 you are mentioning will simply be a deposit to spend alot more money. The point of this system being the cost it is…because you assemble and troubleshoot it yourself…Inventables without question will swap any parts that are not working. they have great customer service when it comes to this stuff

moneys not the problem. but with any company. TEST and MAKE SURE its WORKS. by doing that. would help alot. to make things simple. 1800 dollar X-carve that runs just as good or better then a 15k cnc. BANG FOR BUCK. and this is why the U.S. is made by CHINA.

right here is why China is making the US…North Americans expect Filet Mignon for the cost of chipped beef on toast

By the same token, when you pay Filet Mignon prices you don’t expect to get chipped beef.

You are right.

do you feel 1800 is the filet mignon price in the cnc world?

Because if you pay 15 grand for a CNC machine, you may also get the machine delivered, set up calibrated and training from a rep of the company…thats filet mignon in CNC

1800.00 gets you the parts, some instructions and slap on the butt on the way out the door.

The Xcarve is a great machine,all in I paid 3000.00 to get mine. it was worth every penny. however I understood going in that 3000.00 was peanuts in the CNC world and that this price point would mean some things may be lacking or I may run into issues.

I love my xcarve and I’m not calling it redheaded stepchild of the CNC world but a 15 grand machine it is not…when people who are new here come on the forums and start telling us how Inventables should be bench testing and assembling the controllers prior to shipment, but they still want it to be cheap as chips…this gets my back up

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1800 3000 15k. at the end of the day. you order your parts. took your time. build your X-carve. and you was happy. im not asking for something to be cheap. im asking that. when i order a part. I 100% know its going to work. Even at a used car shop. You hope the 1500 you spent on that car. You hope that every thing is running good. And also. Everybody start off as the new kid on the block.

You obviously haven’t read this thread.


sorry, not meaning that white glove service is the standard… I’m going off my experience that a friend had when he purchased a 17 grand CNC. a few years ago

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Here is a story for you.

After WW2 anything bought from Japan was not worth the time it took to throw it in the trash can.

Later in time, they had a change of heart and all of their products took a major turn in quality. Their products were actively sought out as the best you could buy (in the USA, their home market - not so much).

I was working for a company that supplied a Japanese company with 100,000 parts that the Japanese business needed for their product.

A meeting had been scheduled with that company to discuss the possibility of our company doing more business with them.

When our representatives went to the meeting, everyone gathered in a conference room and our reps noticed five of the prior order product on the conference table.

The Japanese people were very apologetic that they had to report to our people that these five parts from the 100,000 part order were defective. They were horrified that such a mistake was possible and even more concerned that the error was not caught before the order shipped.

Not only did they tell our people what the fault was in each part, they also told them how to fix them.

It just shows a difference in perspective. Our people were ecstatic that only five of the 100,000 parts failed.


Might catch a little flame for this but- Another reason China owns the US is that these days much of the newer workforce believes they are entitled to compensation well above that of the required skill level or what the work they are accomplishing is valued at. ($15 and hour McDonald’s)


I just had the same exact issue. One of the spade connectors was over crimped. Checked continuity from each spade to board connector. I replaced the one that was an “open”, and now it works.

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