New X Controller crushed Z limit switch first attempt Homing

Just got the new X Controller hooked up and went to home the machine for the first time. Crushed the Z limit switch. The machine has had no issues homing with the original Arduino/power supply(after some tweaking). I had crushed a few homing switches with the original setup but than after tweaking pots/power was fixed. Im imagining I have to open the newly assembled controller and check the pots.

Mine worked perfectly

@JonUdell Please explain how adjusting the pots/power on your original setup fixed your issue with crushing switches?

Regarding the X-Controller, you probably have your wires hooked up incorrectly to the controller.
Again, what makes you think it is related to power output of the controller?

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Adjusting the pots has nothing to do with the limit switches. You need to look for your problem some where else.

Check your wiring and the grbl parameters.

I checked my wiring which is fine. Must be GRBL… I have no idea how to check… Sorry for any confusion. I have had so many problems with my X carve experience from loose belts, bad solder joints, Arduino not seating properly, x and y limit switches being crushed when homing… its hard to keep track of all the remedies. I have yet to complete any project more complex than cutting simple guitar parts. Not knocking the machine but it has been sucking up a lot of valuable time in the shop with little results to show.


Try reading through the following threads. The X-controller uses grbl version 1.0? which has some changes in the status report mask bits and display, so there are some differences from the information in the following threads.

I’ll try to take a look at the 1.0? release and see what the changes were and get back to you later.

In grbl version 1.0c you can debug the homing switches using the procedure in the “Using Grbl to debug your homing switches”.

The status output has changed format. The homing switch values are found in the report as “Pin:000||” if the status report mask is set to 19 ($10=19).

The axis order is the same as in the above mentioned thread.

It ended up my fault , was not a problem with the GRBL … after looking there I opened the box back up to find unseated ribbon connectors. Thanks for the help

Glad you got it working.