New xcarve 1000mm x 1000mm

I purchesed an xcarve 1000mm x 1000mm from a guy on facebook. With limited info on it. The guy has updated it and I’m trying to get it going. I got it to carve a project but it made it way bigger than I wanted it. And deeper. When I tell it to move 1 inch it moves 1.75 inchs. I know it has triquetra taller Y axis end plates. He told me it has 10mm belts. And I think it has a cnc 4 newbie z axis with linear bearings. Not sure of what else it has. Im new to this. im guessing I have to change the GRBL settings but don’t know where to start

YOUR $=102 should be around 50.059 with the 4newbies z axes. That should get you in range to calibrate it. Stock $101 and 102 should be around 40.00. Not sure if the 10mm belts make a difference there. That should get you in the ballpark.


They do if they have a different pitch.
@AdamJones Can you read any model information on the belt?
Also, can you post your $$ Grbl settings?


The belt has GATES PowerPoint GT 3

Ok I was reading the number wrong on the z axis I was putting in 50059 instead of 50.059 that seams to make a big difference. Thank you for the help


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