New xcarve parts for sale

Hello all, I recently ordered and will be upgradeing my new(less than 10hr and manufactured after nov.21) machine to the cnc4newbies platform to accommodate some aluminum capabilities. Everything is for sale minus my sideboard,wiring,and wasteboard. Pm me if there’s anything you are interested in I’d like to see this stuff go to a good home at a fair price.

Do you gave the x controller for sale?

Any pictures of which parts you’re selling?

What’s for sale is basically the gantry, z axis the base and frame. What’s not available is the x controller,router, sideboard and main wasteboard, servos/wiring

Interesting that there is no response ???

I figured I’d have a few people interested in an upgrade over an older version but oh well, what doesn’t sell will collect dust on the shelf

Maybe you could donate it to a school program?

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Any pictures?

This was taken right before I disassembled it.

Thank you. Can you list what youre asking for these?

Send me a pm with what exactly you are looking for and I’ll price it out for you.

@ChristianRuda cost for makerslide rails?

Was this sold?

Did you send Christian a Private Message?


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What are asking for the z axis and gantry? Also please list remaining parts and price please. Thanks

Sold. Parts are no longer available. Sorry to those who inquired while I was away from the site.

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