New Xcarve Problem

Ok, I finally got my xcarve setup and now I am having problems running simple test carves in Easel. I ran the setup process and everything works as far as the axis’ go. when I do a simple rectangle outline 4" x 12" and hit carve, it just moves about 0.1 inches at a time and doesn’t appear to be following the rectangle design? I have the feed rate set at the recommended settings but it comes nowhere near that speed(more like a click on, click off). It just constantly moves about 0.1 inches in random directions that don’t follow the rectangle outline???Very confused !

stupid question to start. Are you in millimeters or inches?


when you jog the machine, what does it do? can you set the jog to 3 inches and have it move freely?

yes it does

next, draw a shape in easel (no import) and cut it. Does is work?

I did in Easel. I drew a simple rectangle that I wanted to outline. I hit carve and it starts to move in like 0.1" increments every 3 seconds, and doesn’t appear to follow the rectangle.

Hmm very odd indeed woupd contact inventables directly for quicker help

I have no idea what that could be sounds like a possible software issue to me

Need to get Larry in here.

Use UGCS, or the Arduino IDE serial monitor, or Easel Machine Inspector to obtain the output from the grbl $$ command (shows current grbl settings) and post the results here.

It sounds like you have an electrical/wiring problem.

Two questions to help figure this out:

Can you jog the spindle correctly up/down, left/right, backward/forward ? (use the Easel jog controls)

Also - Did you run the Easel setup when you finished assembly?