New Y-Axis binding issue

Hello Everyone,

I’m hesitant to even post this question as when I found I’m having an issue I checked multiple threads with a similar issue to mine. Problem on my side is that trying the solutions that have worked for others hasn’t helped me yet.

Here is what I’m having broken down for easy reading.

  1. 1000mm XCarve with all the fixings.
  2. XCarve came with 24V DC Spindle but just upgraded to Dewalt 611 thinking it would solve my issue.
  3. Y axis is binding right around the middle-sh of the machine. It doesn’t happen all the time and I can run it back and fourth 12inches or more at a time usually with out issue.
  4. Y axis does not move smoothly by hand because, from what I can tell, both sides are not moving at the same pace.
  5. Binding happens during long runs while cutting. Happens with default 24V DC spindle feed/plunge rates and happens with feed/plunge rates suggested for Dewalt 611.

Things I have tried thus far.

  1. Checked all connections. Y axis is not connected backwards on one side. It does move freely using the computer to move it and I’d say 99% of the time its fine when it isn’t cutting.
  2. Raised POT for Y axis.
  3. Checked belts. They are tight and roughly the same tension.
  4. loosened and retightened eccentric nuts so that the are just barely turned enough so that the v-wheels don’t turn but do turn when the machine is moving. Any looser and the V-Wheel would move freely.
  5. Each belt is wire tied at each end to prevent belt slipping out and loosening.

Here are the results I’m seeing on a project I’m working on.
I feel that I turned the POT up enough. I’ve seen people say “one notch” I believe I’ve gone up to 3 notches with same results with each notch raised.

Have you found the low and high settings for your pots with the 611 installed? You should do that, that way you know you’re not running with them set too high (or low). The operable range will drop with the increased weight of the 611.

Problems in one specific point tend to tell me that either the makerslide is warped/damaged, or there’s an issue with the belt:

  1. Run your fingers along the V part of the extrusion and look for any kind of deformation or change.
  2. Then turn your belts over and see if there’s any embedded dust, chunks, or damage. It’s possible that the belt either had a little damage or got damaged (misalignment or stretched), and it’s failing in the one spot.

definitely check the machine for square. Measure corner to corner.

Thanks guys I’ll definitely check it out tomorrow. Unfortunately this is at my work so I have to wait.

Sad thing is that I’ve only run 3 time with only one successful cut of some king core with a really really shallow plunge when I had the 24V DC spindle mounted. Tried some polycarbonate right after and haven’t had a successful job since.

First run there was an issue with loose V-wheels on the z axis that forced the spindle to cut all out of wack. After fixing that and double checking all the others I haven’t had any luck with either spindles.

I can say, though, that the Y axis has never moved smooth at all by hand.

Thanks again.

Do you know of a good guide to find the low/high. I would assume it’s the same as adjusting POTS on a 3D Printer.

Once you get your tweaking done, it will run great. This machine is capable of doing great work.

I think I spent a good two weeks of watching it and reading the forums. Cuts perfect now and has for months.

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There are two methods for setting the current limit that work well.

Check this thread:

I’m not sure how you adjust them on a 3D printer, but I made a video of how I check my pots: X-Carve Maintenance/Troubleshooting Videos - Add Your Own!

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It’s pretty much the same deal. The older printrbot controllers used the same kind of POT (they are digital now) great video by the way! Thanks!

We are moving to digital with the X-Controller. One day the pots will be like Betamax.


All of us old guys will have 12:00 constantly flashing on our new controllers.

Lol nice!

I’d love to take that for a ride!

So an update for everyone. I started testing the Max/Min of the POTS but found that I had to have the Y POT almost at the max to prevent the binding.

I’m not sure what made me go back to the V-Wheels on the eccentric nuts but I loosened them all so that they could all spin freely and found that the Y axis moved much easier and smoother. I went about readjusting the v-wheels and didn’t realize how little the nut needs to be turned to stop them from spinning freely.

In short I micro adjusted the v-wheels and calibrated the POTS for the bigger spindle and I was able to do a .3 mm plunge at 80 inch/min into oak and Walnut. WOW!

Anyway, was able to get the project from yesterday done in no time.


I’m with ya I’ve had my machine 2 months now and just finally got a good product. The trouble shooting tips has worked awesome for me. Slow down take a breath and work thru it. It will work in the end Your stuff looks awesome now get to making some chips.

Very true. This is no different than when I build my first 3D printer. There is always a learning curve with hobby level desktop manufacturing equipment. The great thing about hobby versions is that they have great capability to run like much more expensive machines with some tweaking and minor upgrades.

With that said, this Dewalt 611 is a beast. I’m doing speeds and plunges at least 4 times more than with the 24V DC Spindle. I just wish I ordered mine a month later. If I had it would have come with the Dewalt stock. :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, I’m making this…

I took the DXF files into Illustrator and converted the files to SVG and fixed them up in Easel.
Here’s the Easel Canvas if anyone is interested. Gonna do the Aluminum tomorrow. :smile:

Also, If anyone wants a premade project in Easel to help set your POTS I’ve created those too.

Thanks again everyone!

I thought recognized that it’s gonna be cool. Just finished 2 Christmas gifts without a hitch. I’m finally starting to enjoy this thing.
It’s like my audio recording stuff Sometimes ya fall into the tech of it and creativity lacks focus its all good now happy holidays