New Z axis for my Xcarve with 0.8KW Chinese spindle

I am designing a new Z axis since I want the spindle to be as close as possible to the X gantry and does not like all other type of Z axis out there. When all the design is finished, I`ll have someone cnc it in aluminium and mount it. Going to post some pictures and result after

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I like the design. I believe that I get a fair amount of chatter because the spindle is so far away from the X gantry. Please do follow up when you have made some progress!

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Thank you. I am just waiting for a new delrin nut so I could adjust the holes for it. I will post more when I get this made

Here is the newest drawing… I had some issues with cuttin since I forgot to cut the link when importing items…

I also included two screws to push agains the Nema that turn the acme to adjust the tension.

looks very interesting to say the least!

Is there some sort of anti backlash measure in place?

Also, I’m interested to see whether the acme to the side won’t affect it’s perpendicularity when really digging into your workpiece. Don’t suppose it will, but only one way to be sure i guess… :wink:

This is the nut I am going to put on the spindle clamp. I do not think I would have any problem with the acme being placed at the side since the double MGN with mount make it very stable. I would also be able to shim under the mount an MGN to level the spindle if there is a need for it.

I ordered the parts in 3d print with polycarbonate before getting cnc parts. Maybe the motor mount and raiser plate is good enough in polycarbonate print since it is not lot of stress on those parts.

Just the ring?
Also, did you consider a direct drive to eliminate the belt?

Yes, but direct drive I would have to put the Nema motor very high. With this design people are able to use the original acme screw and everything that was included in the Z axis. Less parts needed.

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Designing the dust boot…

This would slide up when changing bit and held in place by magnet.
Also would use angle eyes led ring for light. cheap and easy to get. Also got clip for fasten, so would be easy to mount.

Finally got the parts 3d printed. Need some adjustment before sending to cnc


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