Newb getting garbage results help lol

why does this end up looking like this…was just plunging down making holes. depth was set for Z when switching bits…also why do i only have 2 options for finishing bits ball nose and ballnose?? i added way more bits to my profile. tried using a 30degree 1/8" V knife V bit for final die. started with 2 flute 1/4 shaft flate for ruff. ruff did ok when it came to final looks like crap.
shit cut.PNG

looks nothing like my drawing honestly think easel cost way to much a month for these results plenty of free programs that can destroy a board for me lol. the depth isnt even uniform? all the grass and flowers almost to my waste board while upper portion is more like correct height??? what is going on here?

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Random thoughts. You are limited to 2 bits…roughing and finish. Did you level your waste board to the machine? Is this a machine with plastic parts that flex or an all metal one? Perhaps your depth of cut is too much? Have you tried simpler projects to get a feel for the machine and software? Are you using good quality router bits?