Newbie Easel question

Don’t have my machine yet but playing with Easel. I built a test sign for myself and Easel is defaulting to a V bit in pro. I’m fine with that but my question is it’s not telling me 1/4" or 1/8" bit. I have to order the bit and while I can and probably should order both if not all 4 bits how do I know which 60 degree bit it’s expecting to be in the machine? Or does it not matter?

You choose the “Other” to specify a different diameter, say 1/2" or whatever.
The carve will default to a V-bit if certain fonts are used in Easel.
Unless you are using a Easel Pro specific font or specify a V-bit there is no need to use Easel Pro, Easel only will suffice.

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With V-bits, diameter isn’t considered the same as with a “regular” bit. A 60° V-bit is going to have the same exact profile at the tip, regardless of the overall diameter. You basically just have to make sure your stepdown/depth per pass doesn’t exceed your chosen bit size.

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Shank diameter is what you need to use to determine what size Vbit to buy.

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Easel will never automatically select a V bit for you, no matter what fonts you place in your project (unless you open someone else’s project that was set to use a V bit). Selecting a V Bit is a PRO feature, and Easel will never automatically activate PRO features.

I think what Brian means is that the 60° and 90° are the default V bits available in the bit selector in Easel but they don’t indicate the shank size. The shank size is not specified because the shank size doesn’t have any impact on Easel’s built in cut settings recommendations right now. Both bits are set to have a maximum cutting diameter of 0.5". You should purchase a V Bit with the correct shank size for your collet, as @Traxxtar says. If you are using a DeWalt 611, you need a 1/4" shank, which you can buy from Inventables here. If you are using a Carvey, you need to use the 1/8" shank V Bits, which you can buy from Inventables here.

Very concise, thank you. I wish I had not ordered 2 diff shank size bits before reading this :slight_smile:

Although looking at the 2 diff shank size bits the 1/8" looks like it will do much smaller detail.

Yes, because they are typically 20-30deg V-bits. Very good for very fine detail work.

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