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Newbie fail: Sainsmart 3018 on a Mac

Anyone out there a Mac user who has successfully used a Sainsmart 3018? Being a Mac user was a strike against me from the get-go, but I’m really regretting getting this Sainsmart 3018 Pro. At least I can use the Mac for all other technology and life needs, This CNC though is useless unless somebody can rescue me with a point in the right direction. I’ve tried VM Virtual Box and WineBottler application installs but neither worked. :sob: :exploding_head: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :sob: :tired_face:

Sainsmart 3018 is GRBL-based as far as I know, same as the Xcarve.
Easel should work just fine on both Windows PC and Mac natively (I run Easel on Macbook and iMac myself)

True. I seem to be unable to get them to talk, nonetheless. Last night I just gave in and installed Boot Camp on the Mac, so maybe now I’ll be able to get those drivers Sainsmart sent (they only have windows, none for Mac) on a jump drive into a Windows 10 operating system and get the thing going (ain a couple of days because I need some time away from it, :tired_face: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: