Newbie here. free Pro day?

Hi folks.
Being fairly new to Easel, I find some of the features I need are ‘Pro’ users only.
I also heard that standard free users can have 4 free Pro days a month.
I can’t find any useful info on how and when I have any free Pro days, it seems every time I try to use a Pro feature, All I see is a window telling me how to buy Pro.
Can anyone enlighten me on the procedure please, I’m dying to try a v-bit on a fancy pro font, but no luck so far. How do I keep track on any Pro free days I might have?

If you have a new account, then you receive a 30 day free trial of the pro version. After that you would need to purchase the pro version. The change too place last year. If I remember correctly July 28, 2020 was the cutoff date. Prior to this date you have four free days per month

OK. Thanks for that.
So does that mean we don’t get any free Pro days now then?

You still have 4 free days, try scrolling to the bottom of the page and click on use a free day

Sorry Andrew, i just remembered that you need to click on the options tab beside the account tab, hope this helps

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When I click on the options tab it says nothing about a free day for me. I see the picture of it there in this discussion but that does not show up for me.

It has an option for beta testing or educator account but that’s it.

Sign-ups prior to July 28th 2020 have 4 free Pro-days per month. (to this day)
Sign-ups after July 28th 2020 have a 30day free Pro-trail. No free days beyond that.

(I think July 28th was the date but not 100% sure, structure however is correct)

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