Newbie looking for help

Just purchased a used x-carve. I seem to have the ☓ and Y axes working pretty good but am having lots of trouble with the Z axis. It repeatedly cuts 0.1 to 0.15 inches too deep even when I set the depth to 3 decimal places measured with an electronic caliper. One thing I see is that the first cut is much deeper than the value set in the cut parameters, around 0.15 inches rather than the cut step of 0.032 (I am cutting hardwood). I am also cutting the shape out so it is cutting through the tags and causing havoc. One other thing I noticed is that if I hold the limit switch closed it will still allow me to jog the carriage upwards, I measured the switch and it is working OK. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

One thing you should check are the grbl settings and make adjustments if needed. Calibrating my X-carve 1000 - X-Carve - Inventables Community Forum

In the X Carve default settings the switches are used for homing only, not as limit switches.

0.32/.15 = 0.21 as your variance multiplier
the OLD X-Carve (Pre Nov 2021) versus NEW X-Carve (Post Nov 2021) grbl settings is a 0.26 variance multiplier
and that’s close enough to lead me to believe that you may have performed a “new machine setup” as Easel requires during the setup of a new PC, and in doing so you selected the incorrect year model of X-Carve and/or the incorrect Z axis version.

The simple method to correct this is to Re-Do the machine setup and select the correct Year Model and in doing so Easel will re-program the CNC correctly.

Here are the default settings for reference (with links to the settings for each of the possible upgrades for each axis) $102 is the Z axis calibration setting.

Hello All, many thanks for getting me started. I have calibrated X, Y and Z and am now getting much more sensible results. Another question I am struggling with is the depth of cut I can make. I want to cut a channel 2 inches deep in a block of wood. When I set the block on the wasteboard and 1/4 inch x 2 inch cutter in the router there is not enough Z axis movement to clear the block to make the cut. I see a few possibilities, 1) move the router higher, 2) move the Z axis mechanism higher, 3) cut a 1/2 inch pocket out of the wasteboard and 4) replace the wasteboard with a 1/4 inch mdf sheet. I can’t do 1 because of the spindle lock button, 2 seems possible, 3 I don’t want to ruin a brand new wasteboard and I think 4 will be too fragile. Any comments on number 2? Thanks in advance.

perform #2 utilizing the z axis mounting bolts accessible from the back of the gantry.


Unfortunately that did not work. Moved it up 1/4 inch and the t-slot nuts dropped out of the slot. They were already at the very bottom of the extrusion. Awful job getting them back in and aligning the Z axis. Any further ideas welcome.

Risers and stiffeners are useful.
Triquetra-CNC Taller Y Axis End Plates -

Xcarve risers (