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Greetings Easel Pro users. I’m a total newbie looking for a little help. I have a MakerMade Maslow (not an M2) and I see my arduino on Com3. But now I’m stuck. I don’t see a “Carve” button in Easel - I just see a big, green “Export” button in the upper right corner. I have downloaded the latest Easel drivers for Windows. Not sure where to go from here. I’m wondering if there is a place for newbies to ask setup questions? I’m also curious if I need MakerMade software or if I can just use Easel. Thanks!

Maybe read through this. Computer Setup - X-Carve Assembly (

I set up a 3018 easily enough, I’d think a Maslow would be similar.

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Thanks Martin.

Yes. the Maslow series requires using the MakerMade Softeware to communicate with their cnc. You will need to export the Gcode and then import that file into MakerMade to send to the CNC.

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still can’t figure out how to start a new topic but if anyone can answer this on the x-carve with the makita router. I’m looking to buy and would like to know if the bits auto-change and the super pack of bits better than the maker starter set? Thanks.

No, you’ll have to change them manually.

Click this: Inventables Community Forum
then at the top area is a button that says “+ New Topic” this is how a new post topic is created…

i must be blind bc I still don’t see that anywhere. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing

so of course shortly after, got email about a trust level increase. Now if I’m on TOPICS area, I see New Topic. Not sure if it was bc I was new and need activity before having permissions to post new topics to perhaps keep the spam out… Either way, it appears to have remedied itself. Thanks.


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