Newbie Needs Help

Doing a simple test design with simple drilling with different spacing. When I simulate there are many missing steps and this holds through in code to CNC any thoughts?

Thanks, Keith

I dont quite understand the problem a pic might help, is your bit size maybe too big? if I open the job and set the bit to 1/16th it looks normal to me…

Posted link to file, just doing 2mm holes at 10mm depth and set bit to 1.9mm and coded “fill” to get drill function; actual bit is 2mm. If you look at the simulated you will see that it executes ~70% of the holes and leaves certain ones out in somewhat of a predictable manner

I changed the bit to 1 mm and it cuts all of the holes.

OK, got it. Looks like 1.75mm does it as well. I am trying to save time buy just having a straight plunge (drill). If I use a 1mm bit it will take a long time to feed around each hole. I was hoping to just use a 2mm bit and use the software, but it doesn’t appear to have a straight drill function, so I am trying to “trick” it. I will see if the 1.75mm setting with cut set to “fill” will just do a straight drill? Thoughts? and thank you!

Easel do not support straight drilling.

Cheat involve using a smaller diameter bit than desired hole diameter. If you use a 3mm bit for a 4mm hole you just set it to cut “inside of path”, no need to set it to “Fill” when total diameter is less than 1/2 bit diameter.

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What he said !!

Great advice @HaldorLonningdal! This is what we commonly suggest to new users as well.

Unfortunately, @KeithMcbride, Easel doesn’t support straight drilling options. This is because milling bits (the bits programmed to work with the toolpaths Easel generates) are designed to move across a material’s surface instead of through the surface like a drilling bit. There isn’t a way to tell Easel to use drilling bits instead of milling bits. The suggestions offered up in this post are great ways to “drill” holes using Easel.

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Thanks All,

I can use drill bits on my machine as I have a set of metric bits with standard collar. I will use the advice above and hope that Easel will consider supporting this option.

Cheers, Keith

Thanks, using down spiral carbide bits with no problems…however, material is eva (foam like) with ShoreA of 45. I understand this would be a no go in harder material as there is always a bit of milling even with aforementioned work-arounds.