Newbie Project Advice


Just got started with my 3018 pro & Easel, been a bit work to get to this point but loving it so far & keen to learn!

Looking for some advice for this project (my first). It’s a presentation box with separate compartments for a USB stick and a DVD. Did my first carve today and while I’m happy that the design works, it’s the details & finish of it that need improved.

I think there are three parts that I can hopefully get advice on - Material, Bits and feed rates.

  1. Material: From what I have read, walnut can have a really nice finish, this is what I was planning on going for next

  2. Bits - I think I made a mistake in the rough and detailed passes, I had a 1/8 double flute spiral up cut as the rough pass and a 30 degree single flute engraving bit (that came with the machine). But when the first pass with the double flute had finished, I thought that it was completely done, but having read the walkthrough I think I should have inserted the single flute engraving bit and it would have started another carve? Would this have improved the finish? And should I be looking to get some other bits that will give a better finish?

  3. Feed rates - Honestly I didnt even realise this was a big a part as it is, but was just left on automatic, but I have found this site G-Wizard CNC Router Speeds and Feeds Calculator - CNCCookbook: Be A Better CNC'er that seems to calculate optimal speeds for bits/materials

Any advice on the above would be greatly appreciated, and I have attached images of the carve, design and feed settings. I have also been testing out some oils/varnishes hence the look, any tips on this as well would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for any help!