Newbie Question about Multi-bit Engraving

I’ve been using a Shapeoko Pro for a year plus to make charcuterie trays. These trays start with a bowl bit to create the tray area, then 1/4, 1/8, and sometimes 1/16 inch bits to carve a detailed custom logo in the bottom of the tray. I wanted to upgrade to a machine with a spindle and all screw drives and the X-Carve Pro seemed like a perfect unit. I purchased and my system is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

Tonight I started looking at the software to make sure I could get up and running quickly.

I’m struggling with how to set-up my trays in Easel Pro and cut on the X-carve pro. I’m hoping this problem is just because I’m not quite understanding the new software yet.

But help me with some re-assurance…

  1. Will I be able to carve trays with 3-4 bits without having to hack the software?
  2. Will I have to re-establish z-zero between each bit or will the system measure the new bit and auto reset the z?


In Easel you have only two settings on any project, roughing and detail.
To use more than that what many of us do is create a separate copy. I do the full design, and set it up ready to download to the machine, then make a copy or two copies, and delete any things that would be done after the first two set ups, rinse and repeat for each two bits.
Yes you have to reset the Z height every time you change bits.

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