Newbie questions

Hey everyone - I’m considering purchase the 1000mm X Carve for a new business I’m starting, but I want to make sure it is capable of doing what I need it to do.

First question, what is the absolute largest piece I material I can place under this tool. Will a piece of wood 31" high by 28.5" wide fit?

Second question, I’m looking to primarily made logos from plastic and carve logo and designs in plywood. Below are two examples of what I need to be able to do. The first pic is a band logo - yes it has extreme detail - I’m posting this example because I need to be able to do this sort of detail. Will the X Carve be able to do something like this. Also where can one fine this sort of plastic with a metallic looking top layer and black underneath.

Third question, I also need to be able to carve similar larger detailed designs in 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood, again see the example below - that is the back of a guitar speaker cab with CNC carved designed and then it is sprayed with truck bed liner. Will the X Carve be able to carve such designed into 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood?

Forth question, assuming the X Carve can complete both of these tasks, any guess as to how much time it would take to carve this two items? I would need to carve things like this a few times a month. Would the X Carve be able to handle that workload?

The short answer is yes to all. A safe size for the 1000mm machine is approximately 31"x32" with a little bit extra room for material. You could fit a 37"x39" piece of material but the cutter would not reach all of it.

Materials like this are available:

The time depends on a number of factors but it would not be unreasonable. It’s just 2D carving.

Do you have experience with drawing and software? The machine can only cut what you feed it.

This was done with a 1000mm X-Carve.

Thanks for the response. I have some experience with graphics and such. It is my understanding that if I have a vector based file in Adobe Illustrator, I can import than into the Easel software and I’m good to go, correct? That is really all I’m looking to do. Yes, I’m looking to do just 2D carving as you say. I kept on seeing youtube vids of people doing really simple text in Easel, so I wanted to confirm that the X Carve would be able to do complex art with fine detail.

As for the material size. I need to be able to fit 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood that is 31" high and 28.5" wide. I don’t need to carve in those sizes, I just need to make sure the material will be able to be physically place in the X Carve workspace.


After reading through this forum about people having issues with acrylics, would you say purchasing the laser add-on would be a better option for something like the first acrylic example in my first post, or would router bits work just fine for something like that?

The X-Carve and Carvey will cut cast acrylic just fine. Most problems are either feed/speed issues, dull bits or using extruded sheet.

I just finished running a 3d file in .25 cast acrylic.

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