Newbie Seeks Lasting Friendship and Recommendations

I enjoy late nights at the computer where I sit and read the Inventables Community Forum on a regular basis. Now, in all seriousness…

I’m real close to pulling the proverbial trigger and ordering an X-Carve. I’m fairly good with computers and already own a laser. I think the CNC would complement our home studio beautifully, while cleaning up some of what we already do with the laser.

Now, as I read through the forums BEFORE ordering, I’m seeing all sorts of options for “upgrades” … what do you recommend? What are the must have added features that I should order with my machine? I’m leaning heavily towards the 1000… not sure that matters for addons.

Thanks in advance for any and all tips…

As an owner of a 1000 who doesn’t fully utilize it, the extra 500mm is a great catch-all for my tools and bits. I plan on doing bigger and better, the reason I bought that size. So what’s your plans for the future? That will be the question.

I’ve had one project larger then a 750 could handle, so far.

I’m sure you’ve read the forums about dust control, which will be the second thing you’ll work on after getting your x-carve.

Your thread title almost sounds like a personals ad!

There, now you have a friend, … I think. :grin:

As for machine size I started out with a piranha. out grew that in about 10 minutes or so.
The old adage, “it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it” really applies here.
With the 1000 you can do something really big, or the size of a postage stamp.
Smaller, and a postage stamp is about it.
As for upgrades, I have one of the first gen machines, 2 rail x axis with a stiffening mod,since replace by inventables with the one piece rail. A linear z axis from ebay, dont recall the seller but similar and probably better units are now available. Still running the original arduino /gshield set up because it still works for me . And my spindel is a 48 volt quiet cut instead of a dewalt 611. I went that route when the original spindle proved to be of the infamous first batch.

I would say stert with the 1000 mm base unit and x controller,build it, use it and probably the first aftermarket upgrade would be a linear z.
Welcome to the rabbit hole!

Thank you… I read somewhere in the forums something about changing out the screws / bolts. Is that only for the older model, or should that also be done on the new model? Is there a particular Linear Z that is recommended? Trying to get this finished up so I can order - really appreciate the help.

@RobertCanning :+1:

I believe you may be referring to the grub screws on the stepper pulleys of the earlier models. To my recollection, this has been changed to a pressed on pulley eliminating the grub screws altogether.

I recently installed this one and love it.
Rock solid and smooth as glass.

There’s 1 pulley with set screws (Z ACME rod pulley). Those are nice to change to socket cap screws so you can torque them better and visually see if they come out.

Most other changes people used to do concerned the eccentric nuts and changing to eccentric spacers, which the new machine does as the standard.

I think this is the last question I have before I actually order… I see from specs that the Z Axis can cut down to 2.55 inches (65mm). Does the replacement linear z increase that depth? (Shopping cart is loaded with goodies)

Thanks again for answers guys - this is great.

I think you mean, while my wife is letting me spend…

That has a plate offset option. Which did you purchase?

BTW> I’m in. Order placed.

It increases the travel distance which, in most cases, allows for more motion up to allow for longer bits and thicker materials and the router clearance needed for that. The downside of the stock Z axis is the upward motion is limited which means the router and bit can only go so far up from the wasteboard.

I have the 30mm offset because i also have Charlie’s end plates to raise the gantry.